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Virginia Craddock, owner of the cool Lower East Side boutique International Playground today in Soho (Spring and Lafayette). Click the link to visit their online store. They carry a lot of cool and unique brands.

Virginia told me took a risk with her outfit today. Of course she did. But I love it! Her lovely loose red floral vintage pants caught my eye from across the street. I love the street. It means so many things to me - passion, love, lust, anger, intensity, fierceness - it’s such a powerful and strong color to me. I love it. 

I really love her statement scarf and gloves as well - the scarf adds another piece to her “top.” I saw her several times throughout Soho later - it was hard to not catch her (in a good way!) It’s quite cold in New York City right now but I think Virginia looks amazing! Definitely amazing style and personality!

PS: Most everything she is wearing is vintage or from her store.