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@FrancaSozzanni, @vogue_italia editor-in-chief after Ermenegildo Zegna

Franca is one of my Vogue editors. I am obsessed with the current Fei Fei Sun cover and issue with tons of diversity. I have trouble saying whether I like French or Italian vogue more but there’s something that’s just more historical, beautiful, and significant about Italian Vogue to me. It would be the greatest honor if I ever worked for the publication. I’m really happy she smiled while I peeked around a car snapping shots of her. I also love this little gesture she is making with her classic fur scarf - it was a bit cold today. Next time I will have to practice my Italian and say Ciao. She’s definitely  an inspiration to me - I love her personality, her point of view, and her Italian style!

Grazie Mille Franca!


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