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Street Style: New York Fashion Week, Fall 2013


Street Style: New York Fashion Week, Fall 2013

Erics works at American Apparel Soho

On the Subway I, introducing: Caleb.

Caleb is originally from Michigan. He currently works in Midtown but he and his girlfriend would like to open a consignment boutique in the East Village. I hope it happens soon, I’ll let you all know! 

He says he likes to dress “almost correct” or “unfancy fancy”

I like that! I learned a lot of new local brands today and think Caleb has great mens style:

Jacket: Engineered Garments (NYC)

Pocket Square: A Gift from a lovely, bearded friend

Shirt: In God We Trust, another gift from a different lovely, bearded friend! (NYC)

Pants: Wings & Horns (Vancouver)

Boots: Redwing

Bag: Filson (Seattle)

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Not the best photos but this family is so dapper and cute. Love the little boy and how the sister and mother are dressed similarly in red (love, love, LOVE red). I guess they were shopping for a gift at JC Penney (we have those in Manhattan?) - Union Square