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Behind the scenes at JONATHAN SIMKHAI FW13 for
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This is one of my favorite posts yet!

I hung outside of Milk Studios yesterday around the time of NAHM's show and bumped into the designers and some of their family and friends.

Top Left: Steve Hash and Susie Hilfiger with Steve’s Ultraviolence Magazine. Stevie is a creative director. He is currently art director for Warner Music Group. He is also dating Ally Hilfiger. Many more great things to come for Stevie ;) Susie is Tommy Hilfiger’s ex-wife and mother of Ally Hilfiger, 1/2 of NAHM. You can get his magazine at Bleach Pop Up Salon right next to Milk where I photographed them.

Top right: Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfger, NAHM Designers. I think they are going to be big. NAHM is very different from Tommy Hilfiger. 

Center: Maryann Grisz wears Nahm current fall line. Maryann is Executive Producer and Partner at One Rock Moving Pictures. They just created the film “Dressed” documenting Nary’s story from homelessness to becoming a clothing designer in New York. It’s really amazing and inspiring. Check out the trailer at the website and be sure to follow the film! :)

Last but not least: Bottom Left: Todd Barnes (Costuming, Styling) was speaking with Maryanne. I had been wondering where people get bag like that and he told me Brooklyn Industries! His top is from Zara. His necklace (bottom right) is a Tibetan Mandala. Very cool. Comfortable and cool. 

Thank you everybody for your time! 

Bright Colors and Patterns outside of the shows 9/9/11

A lot of these people happen to be bloggers as well - I captioned them when I could. Great to meet you all!

Top Left: Gear -

Top Middle: Bryan -

Top Right: Susie -

Bottom Left: Joie (right) - /