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DAY AND NIGHT WITH JOANNA HILLMAN, Senior Fashion Market Editor, Harper’s Bazaar

The left photo is  coming out of a show on the first day of NYFW at the tents, right photo is last night before Zero + Maria Cornejo at MADE/Milk. I’m not sure what draws me to her - maybe her blonde hair and signature glasses. She’s always so well put together. She makes me want to wear bright colors and different fabrics, I think she’s a good balance of trying new contemporary styles with always being presentable in a collected, chic way and doesn’t peacock for attention. I started taking “street style” photos because I wanted to learn about fashion. I realized that I often looked for patterns in what society wears and often photographed people just because I’m curious who they are. I’m not often necessarily continuously inspired by a person’s look but with Jo, I am. I’m definitely going to experimenting with my look, all inspired by her!. Not sure if she knows who I am but I’m just going to keep shooting her. She’s fun and very nice!